Rowland Carlson

Effort vs Effect


“The people are thirsty,” the student said, “how shall I serve?”

“The fool works hard bringing water to each person,” the master replied, "though they toil, many still thirst.

The clever devises a way to bring the water close, but alone cannot bring water to all.

The wise leads. The water is brought close, and volunteers bring water so that all may drink their fill."

“How shall I lead?” asked the student.

“Lead them to see the thirst, not the work,” said the master.

There’s a difference between effort and effect. How much work you put in doesn’t tell you what you’ll get out. You can choose to climb the mountain or take the tunnel. Both will get you to the other side.

Effort, used well, has a large effect. Used blindly, it wastes work.

Are you being productive or effective?