Rowland Carlson

Plan based on what you can control.


Use this when you are deciding what to do next.

The only thing that you can control is yourself. Plan your actions around things that you can do within your control.

Let's say I want to have lunch with a coworker.

I can't plan to have lunch with someone else. Their car might break down. They might forget. Their boss might schedule a meeting during my lunchtime.

But I can plan my own actions:

None of these assume that my coworker will act in a specific way.

This applies to more than lunches.

A coworker hasn't given the information I need for a project? What can I do to get that information?

A friend isn't understanding the idea I'm trying to communicate? How can I change my message to help them understand?

A contact isn't responding to the email I sent? How can I follow up in a way that encourages them to respond?

This allows me to be accepting when the world doesn't go my way and grateful when it does.