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Food Rules: An Eater's Manual - by Michael Pollan

Food Rules: An Eater's Manual - by Michael Pollan

ISBN: 014311638X
Date read: 2020-06-23
Recommended for: People who fear diets.
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Advice for humans that want to eat better. "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

my notes

Don't eat things my ancestors wouldn't recognize as food.
Eat foods as close to their natural form as possible.
Eat foods that are fresh. Move as close to the living version as possible.
Eat foods that rot.
Eat foods cooked by humans.

Eat mostly plants, especially leaves.
Treat meat as a flavoring or special occasion food.
Drink the spinach water.
Eat food that was raised with care.
Eat like an omnivore.
Eat wild foods when you can.
Don’t overlook the oily little fishes.
Eat some foods that have been predigested by bacteria or fungi.

Sweeten and salt your food yourself.
Eat sweet foods as you find them in nature. Not bred for sweetness or shelf life.
Favor the kinds of oils and grains that have traditionally been stone-ground.
Eat only treats you make yourself.

Eat meals.
No seconds or snacks.
Small portions.
You don't have to finish everything in front of you.
Have a glass of wine with dinner.

. . Eat less.
Stop eating before you’re full.
hara hachi bu
Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored.
Listen to your body.
Eat slowly.
“Drink your food, chew your drink.”
“Put down your fork between bites.”
“The banquet is in the first bite.”
“After lunch, sleep awhile; after dinner, walk a mile.”

Plant a vegetable garden if you have the space, a window box if you don’t.