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Bluefishing - by Steve Sims

Bluefishing - by Steve Sims

ISBN: 1501152521
Date read: 2022-04-03
Recommended for: People who like doing adventurous things
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Experiences matter. You can do everything you imagine if you're willing to break down barriers and listen.

my notes

Failure doesn't hurt me. Staying in failure does.

I'm not trapped in the life I'm in. I can do anything.

Why couldn't it be me? What artificial barriers am I creating?

Scarcity creates desire. People aren't satisfied with the ordinary.

Cultivate mystery and desire with club passwords.

Breaking your own barriers requires courage and persistence. Getting through to others requires listening and mutual benefit.

Have a bias for action. Each failure gives information that your initial analysis didn't have.

Don’t be easy to understand, be impossible to misunderstand.

I'ts not going to happen if it benefits only you.

Experiences are better than cash. As purchases. As gifts.

Sweat the small stuff.

Find the excitement. What gets me raring to go? What gets them to do the same?

Find the joy. If their eyes aren't shining or their voice isn't singing, find the missing passion.

Question everything. Myself. What I do. Who I do it for. Who acts for me.

Questions are not doubts.

Don't take things at face value. Find what's unsaid. Care enough to not stop until I find it.

Keep track of my failures. Try again with a different approach.

I'm discovering, not failing.

If I'm spending the bulk of my energy pretending to be someone else, I have little energy left to be myself.

My circumstances contrain me, but they don't have to define me.

Don't fear change, fear stagnation.

Do the small, considerate things. No one else is.

Overusing one method of personalization is no longer personalized. Use it to break the pattern, not create one.

Being real and true is timeless.

Let people know you’re thinking about them. It goes far.

Strive for congruence. People can tell when I'm being disconcerting, and they won't want to do business with me.

Confident people want to hang around confident people.

Don't seek approval. It won't bring me joy or pay your bills.

Money isn't wealth.

Focus on the smallest element that can bring you down.

Things only improve when you put work into them. Do a self-audit.

Work on your core persona. Marketing yourself is about being distinctly yourself, not followers.

How to find good personality matches: Would I camp with them?

Cut relationships that drain enthusiasm.

Don’t let anybody waste a minute of your life. You can’t get it back.

"No" is powerful. Use it to keep quality and cut the rest. Don't dilute what I can do well.

Just because I can do everything doesn't mean I need to. Capacity and action can be different.

What are the core features? Can I cut out everything else? Is the freedom and quality I gain worth the trade?

Don't get stuck on the things that slow me down.

What are the moments of my day that aggravate me?

Do work so good that others talk about it of their own accord.

Prestige brands focus doing one thing well. Aim for experiences instead of sales.

Demonstrate what I stand for through actions. Show, don't tell to the client.

Focus on keeping your current relationships strong. Only then reach out to strangers.

Communication is more than just technology. Find a way for your voice to shine through.

Show your clients that you care enough to invest in yourself.

If you're having trouble coming up with a suitable gift, limit yourself to $25.

Personalization doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Show that you care.

Move, act, do, go.

You can experience luxuries without owning them.

sponge mode

Passion doesn't excuse laziness.

Relationships. Relationships. Relationships.

Don't dilute your work for money or any other short-sighted aim.

Being considerate is showing that you took the time to listen and act.

You can’t be open if you’re not fully aware and engaged in that moment.

Trust your gut on what to do. Keep your head clear so you can hear it.

Show that you care by making it individual.

Having a ritual to get you in the zone is different than a superstition that you blame.

Fill your own pitcher first.

Rapid growth is fine, but take time to recharge.

Don't count losses, celebrate tiny successes.

Negativity is the opposite of passion.